Sun Bay, Vieques Puerto Rico

Sun Bay, Vieques

The bay called Sun Bay is formed by Cayo de Tierra on the west and Punta Negra on the east, which reach outward to the south. These two points of land protect the bay from the full force of the easterly trade winds and Caribbean waves.

The beach at Sun Bay is a mile-long stretch of soft coral sand that extends into the bay, perfect for sunbathing and wading in the shallow water.

The idyllic tropical setting of Sun Bay was very likely influential in it being chosen as the location of the final scene of the 1960 movie, Lord of the Flies.

Sun Bay is fringed by tropical vegetation, most notably by the icon of the tropics, the coconut palm. At Sun Bay you will find two types of these palms, the tall native variety and the shorter but full and bushy dwarf coconut palms.

Other prominent shoreline vegetation includes sea grapes, beach mahos, almonds, and genips.

Looking out from the beach you can enjoy a magnificent view of the turquoise-colored Caribbean waters, Punta Negra in the east, Mount Pirata, the highest mountain on the island, in the distance and two offshore cays, Cayo Afuera nd Cayo de Tierra in the west. The two cays look like humpback whales and we have heard them referred to as “Las Ballenas,” the whales.

How to get there
Balneario Sun Bay lies on the south coast of Vieques, just east of Esperanza. The beach can be accessed near the southern end of Highway 997.

Road to Sun Bay

Sun Bay is owned by Puerto Rico National Parks and is the only beach on Vieques with public facilities. There is a two dollar per vehicle fee for parking.

Facilities include bathrooms, outdoor showers, public telephones, water fountains and garbage cans. Convenient wooden benches are strategically placed in shady areas on the perimeter of the beach, which has bathing areas marked off by line and buoys.

Swimming and Snorkeling
The water on the eastern corner of the beach tends to be calm and makes for enjoyable relaxed swimming.

Snorkelers may be treated to the sighting of large starfish that often graze the patches of sea grass just offshore.

On windy days, the western end of the beach can be wavy enough to play in the surf.

Sun Bay has a camping area with barbeque facilities. (Call 787 741-8198 for campground information.)

Sun Bay Sunset

The dirt tracks that extend eastward from Sun Bay offer some fine hiking to destinations such as the Bio Bay, the laguna behind Sun Bay, Rocky Beach, the dramatic Punta Negra Headland and a back road to Playa Media Luna.

Punta Negra Vieques south coast

Tie up a hammock between two coconut palms, bring a picnic lunch or a barbeque grill, lay back, relax, play on the beach and take a nice swim. Enjoy.

A Sun Bay Protest Story

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