Vieques Puerto Rico

Punta Mulas Lighthouse (Faro Punta Mulas)

The Punta Mulas Lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbor at Isabel Segunda. It was constructed by Don Juan Puig Cerber in 1895.The Punta Mulas Lighthouse was the second lighthouse built on Vieques after the Puerto Ferro Lighthouse. The lighthouse serves to guide vessels through the chain of dangerous reefs that lie offshore.

Punta Mulas Lighthouse, Vieques

The red light from the tower can be seen from as far away as St. Croix and St. Thomas.

The lighthouse was beautifully restored and reopened on October 12, 1992 to coincide with the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ voyage to the Americas.

Inside you will find a museum featuring the maritme history of Vieques and the Americas as well as other historical and cultural exhibits.

Around the lighthouse are beautifully landscaped grounds with magnificent views of the town of Isabel Segunda, the northern coast of Vieques, the main island of Puerto Rico in the west and Culebra and, on a clear day, St. Thomas and St John to the east.

The annex on the side of the lighthouse is available for public functions such as weddings and other gatherings.

Annex to Punta Mulas Lighthouse, Vieques